Shoplifter tries to kill store clerk

Unknown 12:07 PM
Grover N.C. Dec. 28, 2007
Court dates have been set for the two people charged in an incident that left a mother of three in critical condition at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte. Appearing in orange jumpsuits, Pamela Sue Dockery, 21, of 915 Grass Hollow Court in Charlotte and Donald Joshua Jones, 26, of 107 Sprouse Lane in Grover, appeared before Judge Larry J. Wilson via video for their arraignments. Police say the two shoplifted from a Wilco Travel Center just across the state line in South Carolina and drove into Grover with clerk Cheryl Green, who apparently tried to stop them, on the hood of the car. Dockery faces charges in North Carolina of aiding and abetting DWI, felony hit and run, failure to stop for an injury and permitting a vehicle to be driven by a non-licensed driver. Jones faces charges in North Carolina of DWI, driving with a license revoked, reckless driving, felony hit and run, failure to stop for personal injury and possession of an open container. They each told Wilson that they understood the charges against them. Assistant District Attorney Sally Kirby-Turner said there was a chance that additional charges could be added after she meets with the state trooper who handled the case. Wilson set Jan. 17 as the date for the trials of Pamela Dockery and Donald Joshua Jones. Jones also faces a charge in South Carolina of felony assault and batter with intent to kill. Jones’ extradition hearing is set for Jan. 24. “They’re going to need to take care of the North Carolina charges before they handle it in South Carolina,” Wilson said. Both Jones and Dockery asked for court-appointed attorneys. Dockery was assigned to Brenda McClean and Jones to Andrea Fite. The two are being held at the Cleveland County Detention Center. Jones has no bond while Dockery’s was set at $25,000 secured.

Donald Joshua Jones, 26,of 107 Sprouse Lane, GroverCleveland County Detention Center, is being held on No bond in North Carolina and faces a slew of charges including,DWI,Driving with a license revoked,Reckless driving,Felony hit and run,Failure to stop for personal injury,Possession of an open container,Extradition/fugitive from another stateSouth Carolina charges,Shoplifting,Felony assault and battery with intent to kill.

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